Suffering from high blood pressure is a very stressful and annoying dilemma. It’s just like waiting what time you are going to die because of the nature of the disease itself. It has no visible symptoms, no warnings when to strike and more often than not, it is fatal when it hits. There is no more effective preemptive way in averting this disease to strike on you than having a healthy lifestyle and most of all a healthy diet plan. Cholesterol build up is one of this disease’s precursors – it must be avoided altogether. 

What to Do 

Don’t wait for the disease to take its toll on you first before takingsome actions. Prevention is still better than cure. Some of the modest activities you can indulge into are having enough cardio-vascular exercise in addition to avoiding stress. Your cardiologist can also be a great help. 

Aside from the options mentioned above, here are some further suggestions regarding healthy diets that can lower cholesterol levels in our body: 

Cut off the biggest supply of bad cholesterol in our body, saturated fats. This can be found mainly on animal fats. You have to primarily avoid red meat as well as other kinds of oils like palm oil, coconut oil and other sources like candies, popcorn that contains butter and your all-time favorite chips.
Increase consumption of lean meats, shellfish along with fish, skinless or skinned poultry products in addition to whole grain stuffs. Soluble fibers also encourage the lowering of cholesterol and they can be found abundantly in oranges, sprouts, oats, carrots and pears among others.
Don’t forget to maintain your weight at a safe level. Gaining weight is as dangerous to our health as taking a handful of sleeping pills. We are brewing disaster if we tolerate our constant gaining of weight. The more weight we gain, the more unnecessary fats we accumulate and the more prone we are to high blood pressure.
Skim milk is a healthier choice compared to whole milk and canola oil contains less cholesterol than margarine and would make a better alternative. Increasing your fruit consumption is one great way of reducing cholesterol also.

These steps were very easy to follow. It just takes some kind of self discipline and religious pursuit for the good of your own health. High blood pressure can be tricky and stealthy but you can outsmart it by following these easy and healthy diet tips.

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