Look to cut back on calories you probably won’t miss. Most of these calories come from liquids such as sodas and alcohol. Other sources for these calories are snack foods like chips and cookies. They key is to find the foods that don’t contribute much to your body so you won’t feel hungry cutting back on them.

1) Start looking for ways to burn as many calories as possible.

The fat on your body is just like fuel in your gas tank, you can alter what’s coming in (your diet) as much as you want, but the bottom line is that you have fuel you want to burn. So think outside your workout. Drive as little as possible and sit as little as possible. It’s much more effective and easier to burn more calories through the day rather than in just a workout at the end of the day.

2) Ramp up that energy!

Your energy is your metabolism. If you energy is up then so is your metabolism. Some common things that boost your energy is to 1) Get a good nights sleep. 2) Eat meals that have a good balance between fat protein and carbohydrates and 3) Keep your body moving.

3) Enlist in a simple strength program.

The experts are in debate over just how and why a strength program might aid weight loss, however it’s a good bet that a simple program done 3-4 times a week will help bring about muscle tone, prevent injury and last I checked strong is better than week any day.

• It’s important to realize that you don’t need any special program or formula to burn off fat. Your body is always burning fat and calories! The key is to simply burn off more than you currently are while cutting back on the intake that is keeping the fat stores on your body replenished.

* Be sure to check with your doctor before starting any new exercise program.

* Don’t make things more complex than they need to be. The most simple actions (going for an evening walk, cutting back on junk foods or taking the stairs at work) are often the most effective.

* Fat loss is not a fast process. Be sure that whatever steps you take are ones you are comfortable with for a long time. Anything you do that you couldn’t keep doing a month or two from now is probably not going to work in the long term no matter how great the short term results are.

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