You may have invested a major part of your savings on a respectable home. However, next to that home purchase, a new car is what most of us pour our savings on. Is it fair to desert a car after spending so much on it? Proper car care helps enhance your car’s value, safety and efficiency. Here are the top 10 easy car care tips that can help you and the car in the long voyage.

1. Don’t skip the oil change. Also, when you’re there for the oil change, look for engine oil that has been tested and is popular in the market too. Choose engine oil that has a longer service life. Synthetic engine oil is of course made from regular oil, but is prepared in a way so as to contain all molecules of the same size. The flow is thus smoother and the wear and tear is greatly reduced in the meantime increasing your engine’s life span and operating at cooler temperatures.

2. However, tip two says do not go for an oil change unnecessarily. Check the owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s specifications. The rule of thumb says, change your oil every three thousand miles. It is, however, better to follow the owner guide as most car makers suggest an oil change once in 7,500 miles or more.

3. Fix the paint chips before they grow into monstrous ones. Go to an auto parts store and it will possibly have paint touch-up products; something that will match the colour of your car’s paint. If nobody has it, go to your dealer.

4. Waxing the car is important too and shouldn’t be missed. Do it at least once a year. The more you do it, the better it is for you and your car. Spending some time waxing the car will give you hints on where exactly your car needs help; you get to know your car’s recesses and corners.

5. Taking your car to the service station for maintenance and check up is as important as changing the engine oil and waxing. Taking your car for the maintenance ensures flawless performance of its tyres, belts, hoses, brakes and every other part that can wear and tear.

6. If your car needs a part to be replaced, go for one that’s reliable. Using cheap parts can put your life at risk, and do not at any cost compromise on safety. Use parts that either come directly from the car maker, or from a source approved by the car maker, or from a source you trust. The second hand parts stores may at times give you very good products, but is it really worth the risk?

7. New cars today are much more advanced than the ones that existed ten years ago. Even today’s entry level cars like the Maruti Alto, Ford Figo and Volkswagen Polo come packed with features. However, with advancement comes complexity. If you find anything that needs a repair, get it fixed at once. Letting your car run the way it is even after knowing something’s wrong, not just shortens the span of your car, but also results in a highly complex issue that wouldn’t have been the case if the car was fixed on time. A little problem can become a big problem if ignored.

8. Park your car in a paid parking lot rather than deserting it in a theft-prone lonely space. There is a better chance of your car remaining safe. Secondly, don’t park it at the entrance of a parking lot or mall. There are higher chances of your car suffering bumps from other cars that need to move into the parking lot later. So, park it a little in the interiors and walk the distance.

9. Car records need to be kept safely. It would be better if all records are neatly maintained and tucked into a folder. This would allow easy access to records while they are needed, especially while selling off the car. Maintain a simple file of all of the car bills, receipts, recall notices, e-mails and letters.

10. Speaking of selling the car, you also need to keep your clean for a better deal. It is just the car wash operators that love to have dirt cars in their city so that they get business out of it. Besides, a clean car will make you feel better about it too. You will likely get a better car price when you plan to sell the vehicle. A person looking to buy a used car will definitely want a clean one. However, before selling the car, get it detailed by a professional. is the First Car Portal in India with Interactive Car Animations. Get more information on the New Cars in India and Used Cars in India.

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