How can you have fast, effective weight loss? If you open up any magazine, newspaper, internet site, or chewing gum wrapper, you are likely to see some advertisement for losing weight. They claim you can lose it instantly and permanently. The best way to get the weight loss you want is to make changes to your diet and exercise. This is old news. Nevertheless, the latest research provides clues to how the body processes food and produces energy. This research helps identify the best ways to get rid of the excess weight.

What do you need to do for fast, effective weight loss? Diet is a “four-letter word” for most people, literally and figuratively. They do not want to hear the word or speak it. However, making changes to your eating habits can have the same effect without the stigma of calling it a diet. Exercise is also a “four-letter word.” However, moving is not. Therefore, the answer to the question is that you need to make changes to your eating habits and start moving. The more you do of both, the faster you will see the weight come off. Moreover, with the right changes to your life style, it will stay off.

Do you need both exercise and diet changes for fast, effective weight loss? Most experts will tell you yes. Many people use special diets to lose weight. However, they do not increase their body’s metabolic rate unless they start excising as well. When they go off their special diet, their body will begin using the extra calories to restore the fat that left during the diet. By adding exercise to a new diet, you will gradually lose weight while increasing your body’s metabolic rate. When you get to your goal weight, you will have a good chance of keeping it off for good.

What else can you do for fast, effective weight loss? Life style changes are crucial. Many people lose weight and put it right back on because they did not make basic changes to their lifestyle. It is important to switch to a healthy diet and keep on it. While you might allow yourself more treats after the diet ends, you need to make sure the majority is healthy and nutritional. The same goes for exercise. It needs to become habit, not just for the length of the diet period. Those changes will make sure the weight stays off for good.

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