Acne is a particular problem for teenagers. At the time in their lives when their bodies and hormones are going through rapid changes, they are particularly susceptible to peer group pressure and external influences from magazines and advertisements. Their role models have perfect complexions and they aspire to be like them. For teenagers, having acne can result in loss of self-esteem and confidence.

In their efforts to conform to what, for them, is the norm they try out a variety of acne treatments in the hope that they will find one that cures their condition. Much of the advertising for these products is aimed specifically at teenagers. Some products claim to be able to rid the user of blemishes within a few hours. The reality, for most teenagers, is very different.

All hope of an effective acne treatment is not lost. Acne is a condition that can respond surprisingly well to some simple treatments. Here are 10 tips to help teenagers avoid acne:

Tip #1. Resist the temptation to pick or pop your spots. This will make your breakout last longer and can lead to scarring.

Tip #2. Wash your face twice a day in warm water. Use a gently exfoliating face wash that is suitable for your skin type. This will remove the dead skin cells than can block your pores.

Tip #3. Keep your hair clean and keep it of your forehead.

Tip #4. Cut back on the sodas. It would be asking too much to expect you to cut them out altogether. You should be aware that sweetened carbonated drinks are a source of a large number of hidden calories that are readily turned into body fat. Being over weight adversely affects how your body eliminates excess hormones and toxins and can result in a breakout of acne.

Tip #5. Drink plenty of cold water each day; two litres should be adequate. Drinking this amount of water each day will ensure that your body is properly hydrated. It will improve your skin texture and help your body to eliminate waste and toxins through your kidneys.

Tip #6. Improve your diet! You are what you eat and what you eat directly affects your health, including your acne. Having a healthy diet is the best way to help your body bring equilibrium to your hormonal imbalance. Reduce the amount of fast food, takeaways and fatty food that you eat and increase the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Tip #7. Certain foods, including milk and vegetable oils are known to inflame an existing acne condition. That does not mean you cannot have either of these, just that you should limit the amount you consume. 

Tip #8. Young ladies should choose their cosmetics with care. Some make up contains harsh chemicals that can cause you to have even more pimples.

Tip #9. Get six to eight hours quality sleep each night. This will give your body the time it needs to repair itself. It will also reduce your stress levels, which are a known cause of acne breakouts.

Tip #10. Get out into the fresh air and have some exercise. Have fun while you are doing it. This has three benefits. Firstly, your body makes vitamin D from sun light; secondly, your metabolism will be increased helping your body to eliminate toxins and waste more efficiently; and thirdly, it will make you feel better.

These ten tips will help teenagers to effectively manage their existing condition and will help them avoid further breakouts of acne.

Robert Reddin is a freelance writer who, for more than 7 years, has been writing about a wide range of subjects of interest to him. Robert has numerous off-line and on-line articles to his credit. You can get more information about a cure for acne here. Visit my blog: Acne No More! by Clicking Here

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