Are you considering following the Paleo Diet, well then you really need to read this article and learn just what this Paleo Diet is all about, the good and the bad.


Throughout the course of this article we’re going to examine the three most critical factors you must consider when evaluating the Paleo Diet plan. I want you to fully understand why the Paleo Diet was developed. Become aware of the foods that the Paleo Diet is based on. Then finally, what type of results can the average person expect from following the Paleo Diet.


First, who and why was the Paleo Diet developed.


The Paleo Diet was developed by a man named Walter L, Voegtlin who was a gastroenterologist in the mid 1970’s. He put together a simple diet plan that resembled many of the foods that the caveman ate during the Paleolithic Era. The caveman or early man lived 10,000 years ago to 2.5 million years ago in the period known as the Paleolithic Era.


During this time, early man had not yet learned agricultural or farming skills and was primarily a hunter and gatherer. Early man was able to develop some basic tools to hunt with but only in limitations.


What type of foods does the Paleo Diet consist of?


The Paleo Diet is a simple mix of meats that existed at the time along with a vast array of plant life that grew wild during this period. The Paleo Diet is about 60% meat or fish and 40% percent plants. The meats consist of roasted or grilled pork, beef and fish with vegetables like carrots and potatoes. Many fruits like tomatoes, apples, strawberries and pears are popular. Most of the foods are cooked and not eaten raw as many may assume. It is believed that early many began cooking his food in the middle of the Paleolithic Era. When it comes to beverages alcohol, sodas and coffee are not allowed as those processed beverages did not exist during this time. Natural beverages like teas, orange and apple juice and of course water are consumed.


At last, what type of results can you expect from the Paleo Diet?


One of the more popular positives about the Paleo Diet is that people who follow this plan are said to have a far less chance of being diagnosed with common deadly diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure, colon cancer, Type 2 diabetes and depression. This is just a small sample of the diseases people believe they will avoid by following the Paleo Diet because of the removal of processed foods filled with controversial preservatives believed to weaken one’s health.


It is reasons like these that make the Paleo Diet popular choice to improving health. Also consider the cost savings by preparing your foods along with the security of knowing all the elements that you meals consist of. Followers of the Paleo Diet claim to have greater energy, better overall health and more control of their appetite.


On the downside the absence of alcohol, soda, coffee and foods containing sugar make it difficult for some to follow this diet plan. Keep in mind that if you are serious about losing weight and staying healthy things like alcohol, soda and processed foods should be avoided regardless you are on the Paleo Diet or not.


This in a nutshell is the Paleo Diet, if this type of meal plan appeals to you then you must further review some of the Paleo Diet cookbooks before you can fully decide to follow this diet. Keep in mind just because this diet works for others does not mean it will bring you positive results. Take a moment and evaluate the Paleo diet cookbook.

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