The plans for the development of 7 day diet after seven days, at least two weeks between them. The popular cabbage soup diet, for example, is a strict 6:59 days, and promises a weight loss of about ten pounds per week. Until it sensible 7 day diet after the stroke is assumed that you will lose weight and keep it off. If the problem of obesity can not be the best plan for you, but if only a little overweight and want to get these jeans from high school, is an excellent alternative to the Atkins diet, or even until his death in the gym.

You do not need a little “something like” Day One “Eat fruits, except bananas and cabbage soup as you want to drink the tea without sugar and cranberry juice and plenty of water .Second day .eat vegetables that you want to try you, things go green leaves (raw or cooked is fine) and stay away from beans, peas and corn. Eat vegetable soup with your working day to your baked potato for dinner. You can also watch can be a bit of butter. Three days after the combine the first two days, but no baked potato congratulations. On the fourth day, eat bananas and many people want to drink fat-free milk soup. There is no other fruit or vegetables. This day is designed to reduce the desire for sweets.

Now you are in the middle of the weeks. It was not hard, right? Five days you can work a little “meat diet, chicken (without skin) or beef. Ten to twenty ounces of beef and six fresh tomatoes, at least part of the soup makes a delicious lunch in one day. On the sixth day, one can only vegetables and meat, to eat at least part of the soup. Together for two days, you can also fried fish, beef, but not both. The last 7 day diet to rice and eat, drink unsweetened fruit juices. do not eat what you want, and think because eating soup at least once.

That’s it. At this point you should reach its goal of quick weight loss have a long, low-fat diet, as well as the continued use of complementary and sensitive, it should be no problem, to maintain weight. More tips for quick search on the Internet. Many free online diet plans, such as menus and others in connection with this diet.

There are many products that can help you lose weight. These are food supplements and programs online support system to manage your eating habits and to evaluate progress in weight loss. Some of these companies is to support and help with your 7 day diet plan. We can help you effectively by offering a free list of recommended sources weight loss products and services.

See My Top 10 tips for losing weight.

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