Have you been trying to lose weight but to no avail? Perhaps you have been eating the wrong types of food! Our diet affects 70% of our body weight! So if you are uncertain what food to avoid, here are some useful and simple guidelines for you to follow! 

Avoid food with high fat content 

This is an obvious answer. However, the problem is many people fail to recognize the hidden fats especially when food companies now love to label their food item as healthier alternatives. For example, nowadays potato chips are mostly labeled as trans fat free. Although this is a better alternative to previous batches of potato chips, it does not mean it will not make you put on the pounds! Being trans fat free will not magically turn potato chips into a healthy snack! They are still laden with loads of saturated and unsaturated fats, which are the major culprits for weight, gain. Other foods that are laden with fats are diary products. Also choose low fat alternatives such as low fat cheese and skim milk. In addition, ALWAYS avoid fried food.

Avoid food with high sugar content 

You must be thinking, well sugars are not fats so why does it contribute to my weight gain. Sugar is high in calorie, and calorie not burned up in our daily activities would just simply be stored as fats by our body. It is a simple equation. Consuming more calories than you burn off would make your gain weight. To get quick weight loss, just ensure that you burn off more calories than you intake. So do give foods that are high in sugar a miss. They are loaded with refined carbohydrates that cause your blood sugar level to spike sharply. This will signal your pancreas to release large amounts of insulin, which will actually make you gain even more weight since insulin plays a fat storage role in our bodies. Foods with high sugar content are concentrated fruit juices, cakes, sweets and cookies. So avoid these foods if you want to get quick weight loss results!

If you are so DARN SICK of getting the same old boring weight loss advice, (like having a balanced diet and exercise more…blah blah), then…

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