Arm yourself with these unknown weight loss tips the next time you start a diet: 1. Get rid of your stress! Stress is one of the top culprits for causing unwanted gains in ones weight. If you are under constant stress your body produces excessive amounts of a hormone called cortisol. If there is too […]

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The Medifast diet plan is another weight loss program designed to help those who wish to lose weight the natural, easy and healthy way. One feature of the Medifast diet plan is that there are different ‘programs’ each tailored for a particular group. In this case, the three groups are the men, the women and […]

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Eczema is a skin condition; a disease that causes the skin to itch, flake, crust, dry up and bleed. It can victimize anybody of any age. Even babies are known to suffer from eczema. Even though the actual cause of eczema is a blurred topic right now, it needs to be treated. If left unattended, […]

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Are you considering following the Paleo Diet, well then you really need to read this article and learn just what this Paleo Diet is all about, the good and the bad.   Throughout the course of this article we’re going to examine the three most critical factors you must consider when evaluating the Paleo Diet […]

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Acne is a particular problem for teenagers. At the time in their lives when their bodies and hormones are going through rapid changes, they are particularly susceptible to peer group pressure and external influences from magazines and advertisements. Their role models have perfect complexions and they aspire to be like them. For teenagers, having acne […]

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