The Paleo Diet is Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Preservative Free. Referred to as the Caveman Diet or Stone Age Diet. The Paleolithic period was 10,000 years ago. The Paleolithic period is pre-agriculture and before man discovered fire. Beans, potatoes and lots grains are inedible raw. The caveman only ate non-toxin edible foods. In the […]

Diet Tips

With the growing demand of the medical industry to produce treatments, medications, and prescriptions to make mankind live longer, the easiest thing for them to do is promote a healthy lifestyle. Fast food diets, low calorie diets, and low cholesterol diets are just a few of the popular diet and exercise programs for people to […]

Balanced Diet Plan

40% of American women and 25% of American men are trying to shed pounds at any given time. Weight reduction should not be done in haste as it may cause adverse effects, leaving body weak and deprived of essential nutrients. Reducing weight without comprising on the health is the best way to keep the body […]

Diets To Lose Weight

There are many exercises from which you can lose your weight. All of us know about them but we do not think and we are also not aware of them. But this article gives you an insight on some exercises for weight loss. These are the few best exercises to lose your weight. Sitting, reading […]

Prone to diabetes, it is essential that the diabetic patients learn to follow a meal plan of diabetic diet foods to avoid and foods to eat for control of sugar in the bloodstream. It is a dreadful disease for those who are ignoring the importance of restriction in diet after recognizing signs and symptoms of […]

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