If you are looking for information on raising teenage sons then you have come to the right place. Parenthood is a beautiful thing but when they get to the teenage years they can be difficult to handle. I have successfully raised 2 teenage sons into fully grown men and taught them discipline. Here are my top tips on raising teenage sons.

Stick to your rules – You have to pick your rules and stick to them. When I talk to parents they will say “I set out the rules but they just ignore them”. Almost every single time it is because the parents do not follow through on punishments. No internet for a week literally has to mean no tv for a week otherwise what message are you sending your teenage sons. “I am making rules which you can break”.

Be Open Minded – Even though you are creating rules which your teenagers will have to obey, you must be open minded to changing those rules to suit the both of you. Go for win-win situations in which you both get something out of it. For example, do not say “Tidy your room because I told you so” instead be a genius and say “We’ll go bowling today if you tidy your room”. See the difference?

Master Persuasion – Persuasion is not getting inside peoples minds and making them change. It is showing them what they want from a point of view you both understand. Your teenage son might be distressed at the idea of cleaning the dishes but tell him that “Men who can establish routine go far in life. By starting small routines you can master all areas of your life and this is how your favourite band got started on the same principles”. Relate everything to things they enjoy and persuasion will be simple.

I bet you’re searching the internet looking for the best methods tohandle your out of control teen for free and I totally understand that. I was in your position and all the information seemed too much and information conflicted and it was pretty annoying at the time.

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