Most people in America are aware that obesity is a major problem. What most people do not know however, is that the number of Americans who are overweight is almost a hundred million.

There are many programs available for the problems in weight loss, and one of these is called the 7 Day Belly Blast Diet. This diet has the potential to permanently change the life of the average overweight individual. It is not a fad diet, but truly a miracle discovery.

This Belly Blast Diet is a system that helps individuals to achieve effective results in a short amount of time. It was created by Josh Bezoni, and its fast results are part of what has made it so popular.

Bezoni is a renowned nutritionist who has dedicated his time to fitness and nutrition for over 15 years, and has created this program for the good of overweight people everywhere. His book, which is named after the diet, offers a detailed description of the diet and how it can best be utilized.

The diet plan features methods of maximizing one’s metabolism, as well as helping each individual to make healthy food choices. His research proves that not only are food choices important, but the way the food is consumed must be addressed, as well.

Different from many diets that focus on food restrictions, the Seven Day Belly Blast system focuses on changing the person’s mindset and eating habits.

One of the other popular features of the diet is called Calorie Confusion. This feature was created to assist those who have hit the dreaded weight loss plateau, as well as helping individuals to make long term changes in their diet.

The thousands of people who have participated in this program prove its effectiveness beyond a doubt. Those who have used the program to shed fat, have not only improved their appearance, but made a step towards a healthier overall life.

The development of this diet has changed countless peoples lives, and anyone experiencing problems with overweight, should consider utilizing the system to take control of their life and their health.

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