With the increasing rates of eating disorders and food related diseases, it is becoming more and more important to follow the right diet and consume foods that are rich in nutrients and low in calories. This can be accomplished by following the raw food diet. This brings us to the raw food paradox. Consumption of raw foods restricts the number of calories that one is taking in, at the same time filling one up and ensuring that one no longer feels hungry. This is very important in the era of anorexia, bulimia and other eating disorders. Many women in their efforts to emulate their favorite models, resort to drastic measures in order to lose weight by almost starving themselves. Now with the advent of science there are many safe and effective ways to lose weight. Research shows that foods derived from plant sources are the best way to stay healthy. This takes us back to the basics when human beings would eat their food raw and thus gain all the necessary nutrients without the pain of cooking. Raw food lets you get the essential nutrients in their purest form as they are not destroyed by cooking or processing. Raw foods not only help you maintain your figure, but also aids in the process of body building as it gives you strength helping you pick up weights easily. Following the raw food diet will help you get into those skimpy dresses and help you look your elegant best in a suit or formal clothes.

Raw foods include uncooked unprocessed foods like nuts, beans, seeds, vegetables, fresh juices, seaweeds and sprouts. Eating the food raw helps in the preservation of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that is destroyed by the cooking of food. Thus consuming food raw increases the nutritional value of food that is otherwise reduced in cooked food.

The raw food diet has been around for ages since the 1900s, but only now it has come into its own being advocated by celebrities and regular people alike. Raw food is beneficial for ones health as it is much easier to digest as it contains various enzymes in their native form. This aids in absorption, digestion and assimilation of food. Raw food is rich in fiber and water. Thus it brings a glow to your skin in addition to helping you lose weight. Raw foods are low in fats, and thus contain negligible amount of saturated fats that get deposited in the body are subsequently difficult to burn off. Accumulation of fats in the body lead to a variety of health related issues such as the development of various diseases such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Fats clog up arteries thus interfering with blood flow in the body and thus hampering blood circulation. This puts a strain on the heart and may even be fatal. Many people are genetically predisposed to heart disease, and for them it is absolutely essential to avoid fatty foods and adopt the raw food diet in order to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

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