You are not alone if you want to lose weight, but you can lose weight fast without diet tricks. You want to lose by a calendar date, but you haven’t save enough time to do the weight loss in a sensible manner. You must consider how you are going to get it done without starving yourself. Although losing weight is not going to be lightening fast, it is reasonably quick if you consider the numbers involved. Crash dieting is very hard on your body and you may seriously put your health at risk. You want to trick your metabolism but careful so that it doesn’t slow down.

Your body needs a special number of calories to maintain normal, everyday functions like sleeping, eating, and just walking to the refrigerator will assist in burning calories. You can find that caloric number on a BMR (basal metabolism chart). To keep every number handy, use a planner with lines for entries. Talk to your doctor about losing weight and find discuss what types of foods will benefit your body type.  You may also want to talk to a nutritionist to get ideas on dieting the the right way.  Nutritionist can sometimes give you information on what kinds of foods will help you curb your appetite.

Try to keep a record of food calories your are eating, times of exercise, and calories burned during training.  It may feel difficult in the beginning, but as the days progress you will remember all the tidbits and calories that you picked here and there. All these calories count, so count them. Once you determine how many calories you are consuming, you can tailor how many calories you can cut out.  Carry your planner with you and you will learn to love it.

Your bodyweight x 12 will roughly be your daily maintenance calories. To lose weight fast and get rid of those pounds fast with no tricks up your sleeve, then you need to subtract roughly 250 calories from your daily intake.  However, you must never consume fewer than 1200 calories. Doing with fewer is a silly choice. As an example, if you weigh 150 pounds, you daily maintenance is 1800 calories (150 x 12).  Subtracting 250 calories gives you 1550 calories a day.  After a few weeks, you can further adjust this if your energy levels allow it.

In your planner, record all the pertinent information : weight and goal then start a page with daily calories. At the top of the page list the date and your morning weight. List your calories neatly so you can add them up later. You need to make adjustments if you are over your daily limit.

Next, on the facing page, list your activities. Find some activities that you like and determine through some informational source how long it takes to burn “x “number of calories. You need to burn your calories!  A pound is 3500 calories, so if you eat less calories and burn calories working out, you should easily hit that goal by the end of the week.  If you lose 3500 calories a week, you just lost a pound.

These are just a few ways you can start burning fat without dieting tricks.  You can diet to lose weight fast and you don’t have to cut your calories drastically.

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