So as to successfully lose weight, the unusal treat once in a while is crucially important. Without any exception or little indulgence, your nutritional program is easily going to fail, otherwise you must have super-human will power.


Almost people can not resist themselves for various kinds of tasty sweety food. And I do so. I even couldn’t pass a cake shop without taking a muffin, brownie or some kinds of cakes though fortunately, I don’t live near many cake shops. However, I’ve discovered an amazing way to volunterarily refuse sugary junk foods without any craving. The myth is that I’ve eaten fat burning food to replace for those fatty food. Now I will share with you these two secret weapons:


1. Organic fruit

2. Dark chocolate.


I go crazy for fruit. I pretty much include one portion with every meal I eat. One of the reasons is because I love it. And the other is because the natural sweetness rounds a meal off nicely (not to mention the many health benefits). But if it’s a bit of pure indulgence I’m after then I’ll go for high-quality dark chocolate.


The key point here is that you go for dark chocolate. No matter what you do, never go for milk or white chocolate. Why? Because they are full of processed sugars and other junk, and contain relatively little cocoa. My personal favorite is a 90% cocoa blend, and I would never go below 70% or you risk too many nasties creeping in to your chocolate.


Is Cocoa Healthy?


Did you know that a cup of cocoa contains 3 times as many antioxidants as a mug of green tea? That’s right, cocoa is rich in plant antioxidants, flavonoids. Antioxidants are vital from protecting our body from the illness and disease that can be caused by free radicals. But that’s not all cocoa has up its sleeve.


One of the reasons that it is so effective at controlling sugar and junk food cravings is because of its bitter taste. This actually helps your body regulate appetite.


Why the heck would you decide to choose chocolate with a bitter taste if you only eat chocolate for a “sugar hit”? Well the reason you’re craving sugar in the first place is down to the blood sugar spikes you get from unhealthy food, and the lows you experience after digesting them. Surprisingly, dark chocolate’s bitter taste actually satisfies these cravings. And won’t result in a blood sugar spike, causing you to store less fat and avoid the junk food cravings in the first place.


Cocoa also has another mechanism for helping to regulate appetite. Cocoa butter is a good source of stearic acid. This is known to slow digestion, keeping you feeling full for longer.


Portion Control


As you might expect, portion control is vital for making sure dark chocolate acts as a fat burning food rather than a fattening food. I like to enjoy just a couple of pieces every 2-3 days. It provides me will all the indulgence I need and still keeps calorie intake low.


If you are struggling to cut out those sugary junk foods then dark chocolate can work wonders for controlling those cravings. I really would recommend it to anybody starting out on a healthy eating campaign just to get them through the first few tough weeks.


Of course dark chocolate is a “high calorie” food. But if it helps you avoid the dreaded sugar binge, and you get all of that antioxidant power too, then you’re on to a winner. And like I said, life is too short not to treat yourself occasionally.


I hope you learned a lot from this article. Don’t forget that this is only one of the delicious Fat Burning Foods out there that can help you lose weight. I cover my favorites in my List Of Fat Burning Foods, why not come and learn about them all.

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