Have you been on a hypothyroidism diet but are not losing any weight? Or have you just found out that you are hypothyroid and you are afraid that you will start to gain a lot of weight? Read on and I’ll tell you how you can put a stop to any weight gain, kick start your diet program and start losing weight.

Hypothyroidism diet Tip #1. Maintain healthy thyroid levels.

This might seem obvious to you but many people take this for granted. You will need to make sure that you are on some form of hormone therapy and that your hormone levels have stabilized. Without this most of your effort to lose weight will be in vain. Also, if left untreated, the complications from hypothyroidism can be serious.

Hypothyroidism diet Tip #2. Boost your metabolism.

By its very nature the main side effect of being hypothyroid is that of slow metabolism. By boosting your metabolism you are taking steps to do for your body what it cannot do naturally itself.  There are a number of ways in which you can boost your metabolism that you can take advantage of right away. 

One way is to start exercising. Get to the gym and perform some muscle building and cardiovascular exercises.  Another way is to eat smaller portions at meal time but eat more often. Eating 5 – 6 smaller meals throughout the day has the effect of keeping your metabolism at its peak. This one tip alone could be enough to give you and your hypothyroidism diet the push it needs to get moving again.

Hypothyroidism diet Tip #3. Make a plan and stick to it.

With a proper diet and exercise program you will be able to shed those pounds, improve your health and generally feel better. One of the initial side effects of hypothyroidism is that of depression. By exercising and eating correctly you can avoid this often debilitating condition.

Additionally, don’t get caught up in the game of chasing your weight. Too many people can’t resist the urge to look at the scale every day. Don’t do it! You may get discouraged if you do. Your weight fluctuates on a daily basis. This is especially true for people with hypothyroidism. If you must track your weight check it only once per week.

Karen Jones writes for Hypothyroidism Diet Info, a blog for people suffering from hypothyroidism and who are in need of diet information.

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