On the average bride to be, you can gain up to 15 pounds of excess weight before your wedding. Well, it is not so surprising. You are so busy getting everything arranged, making sure everyone know where they are suppose to be, and let us not forget all the mini celebrations prior to the wedding. With wedding showers, meeting the parents dinner, friends and family pre gatherings, there will be surely a great amount of celebratory feast to be had that can add weight. It is a stressful time for brides and the last thing to have to worry about is the dress going to fit. How about a quick solution to looking great for your wedding day by taking a quick and easy weight loss program that only takes about 10 days to complete and look fabulous.

Sometimes it is only just those last few pounds of excess that are stubbornly hanging off your waist that can make all the difference between getting your dress altered and saving time and money by just slipping on the dream dress for a magical day to remember. A simple solution to use, about a month before the big day is to get a master cleanse body cleanser that will take care of all these problems.

What can a master cleanser do for you? It can get rid of the last few pounds that can make or break a beautiful vision come true. A body cleanser does exactly as it sounds. This a special formula of natural ingredients that washes away the fat and excess weight. For ten days, a simple recipe of fresh lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup in a fusion of purified water is taken ten to twelve times a day while staying away from solid foods will get the job done. Not only will you lose weight but you will be preparing your body to better take care of itself by flushing out the accumulation of toxins and chemical masked as fat and promote increased well being.

Flushing out your body is the best way to detoxify and restore vitality to the body. That is why it is called a master cleanse. You can expect to lose up to two pounds each day and begin to notice the signs of stress melt away by giving you a healthy glowing complexion, a slimmer figure, and make you a happier bride. In less than three weeks you can achieve the vision you want for your wedding and look great in your wedding dress.

The moment you start the Master Cleanse detox diet, your body will begin a process of rapid internal detoxing and rejuvenation.

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