Removing that layer of excess fat from your stomach can be difficult if you aren’t doing the right exercises. Some of the best stomach fat loss exercises are not what you might first imagine; things such as crunches and sit ups will not help you lose weight.

In this article I will include a few of the best exercises to burn weight from your stomach, and tell you why.


Isn’t it frustrating when we hear all these nice silver stories about how so and so lost so many pounds on such and such a diet, then we try it, and nosedive spectacularly into nothing?

From the ads on t.v and infomercials, it seems like losing excess fat is something you do for 7 minutes a day in the privacy of your own home while eating popcorn and reading magazines.

If that is what you are hoping for, then keep hoping. Until the year 3009 when we are not actually real people, but avatars in a computer world, that won’t happen.

Stomach fat builds up because of over eating of the wrong types of foods and lack of proper physical exercise. We all know that, but what is the best way to reverse the process?


I want to focus on some great exercises for losing excess fat in this article.

Losing excess fat comes about by forcing the body to adapt and change to our new habits i.e exercising. So the harder you make your body work, the more it has to adapt to its new circumstances. That is why you’ll never see an overweight runner – a body just can’t run if it is overweight, it has to be forced into evolving and changing to suit the sport.

So to put it into fat loss terms – input = output. Period.

So to effectively lose weight you must be doing things that are hard, but not so hard that tomorrow you won’t get back up and do them again.

You should also track your progress in a diary or notebook, and each day try and do one better on yourself. Now the law of diminishing returns will set in after a while and your progress may plateau, but that my friends is a quality problem, by then you will have made some phenomenal progress.

Here are a few exercises that if done in succession will bring to fruition your desires of a smokin’ hot body.

– Burpees
– Starjumps
– Press ups
– Pull ups
– Lunges
– Skipping
– Sprints
– Boxing

Do you want to learn more?

Nobody really wants to be overweight and unhealthy, life is too much fun to be in this poor condition! For more advice on how to create a sexy body and how to get abs in a month, create a body you love and a lifestyle you long for, visit here How To Get Abs.

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