Seven days is a short time but you would be surprised how you can lose weight fast in this small amount of time given. For the severely overweight and obese, one can lose upwards of 5 pounds in just one full week of dedicated and intense dieting and exercising. Even on the lower end of fat loss, you can lose about a pound of pure fat in one week. This is possible if you use the right weight loss methods. To accomplish this, you have to focus on training and eating properly to elicit the right fat loss results.

The first step you have to give attention to is proper eating and dieting. If you want to understand how to lose weight fast in seven days, then take note of a calorie deficit nutrition plan. The calorie deficit diet will create a negative energy balance. In other words, you have to eat less than you expend in total to lose fat. If you don’t create that negative energy state, you won’t lose fat at all. This is basic human physiology. It is physics 101. Start reducing calories by at least 300 calories. Subtract that number to your current nutrition plan daily. Keep that up for the full seven days and you’ll finally learn how to lose fat the correct way.

The second step is to exercise properly. Use a combination of strength training and cardiovascular exercise in your daily workout regimen. Weight lifting will preserve muscle mass. This also preserves the current metabolic rate. You might even elevate it to burn more fat. Metabolism is important to fat loss. Focus on high intensity interval training for cardio workouts. Alternate periods of high and low intensity exercise into the cardio session. Train as many as 5 days per week.

These two steps will finally get you losing weight permanently. Follow these instructions and recommendations and see the results in seven days. Take action today to train and eat correctly for success.

If you want to learn more about how to lose weight fast and quickly, consult our guides on how to lose fat.

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