Dieting has become a craze sweeping an obese America. The fad neatly sidesteps one of the fundamentals of good living. That is maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Dieting now preoccupies everyone as if it is the cure-all solution to attaining the right body mass for your age and height. But there are problems with almost all the diet plans positioned to get you out of your overweight condition. Here are some:

1. Dieting has become a starvation plan that effectively deprives you of the essential nutrients your body needs. When you start to get less of these nutrients, all sorts of health problems get to knock on your door. Dieting disrupts your regular boy rhythms and processes to put it on a defensive mode all the time. Because you often disregard hunger pang, your body starts to lose its rhythm and you get into eating disorders that cold lead to sever health problem later on. Death rates have been many among dieters whose heart beat and blood pressure have fallen below acceptable levels.

2. You tend to lose sight of the fact that dieting is not the goal. Losing weight is just a step towards attaining a healthy body. That is the goal. If you had been diligently maintaining a healthy lifestyle from the start, eating the right balance of foods and keeping yourself physically busy with the right exercise routines, then you won’t even find yourself in an obese situation. It’s all about having a healthy lifestyle. Don’t be a TV couch potato. Schedule your daily and weekend activities so that you only allocate a couple of hours on the TV and on the computer. Get into a sport that demands physical effort and you can be sure to be trim and healthy all the way.

3. You lose focus on your priorities. Your diet becomes the center of your life to the exclusion of everything that’s a lot more important for your social, familial and personal fulfillment.

Start rethinking your dieting plans and see if your are missing out on the right priority. As said earlier, it’s all about healthy living. That includes getting you priorities straight.

Do continue to check out the new weight loss and immerse yourself into a sensible weight loss program that doesn’t ask you to make sacrifices and compromise your health.

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