Making sure your horse is getting the right type of feed for the work it’s doing is a big responsibility (Intake = Output), as is taking care of the horse’s health is an important thing. The horse appears healthy, if provided with the right diet. The horse’s diet needs to contain fresh green grass and hay. The diet may also contain grains and sweet feeds and the forage has to be rich in nutrition.

In short, horses require healthy and nutritional food to stay healthy.

Tips For Horse’s Diets:


Giving the horses with high quality pasture is vital. Horses used for light working can do well with good quality pasture and adequate grazing. Horses need large pasture area for their healthy diet. Green pasture and green hay are not a complete healthy diet. It also depends on the place where the horses are brought up. The field may or may not contain the pasture for complete year to suffice the diet needs. For this, you can make sections in the pasture area, so that the horses can rotate in different sections. This will allow the growing of new grass at all the sections in the field.


For domestic or cart pulling horses, hay serves as the basic need. However, buy high quality hay for horses. Before buying the hay, check whether the hay is fresh green and free from mold and dust or not. In addition, the bale (the pack in which the hay is kept) should not be warm. Instead, it needs to be at normal temperature. If warm, it may attract fungi and mold. The type and quality of hay depends on the area, where it was brought from. The nutrition value also varies with the type of hay. Some hay types are rich in protein, whereas some are not. You may combine two or more types of hay for making a healthy and balanced horse diet.


For horses that are used to pull carts or are used for heavy work, just hay and fresh pasture are not sufficient. In addition, pregnant mares need extra diet for good health of both mare as well as baby horse. These horses require concentrates in addition to the daily diet. The supplements include whole or cracked grains, sweet concentrates such as molasses and feeds such as cubes. These supplements come separate for each stage of the horse growth. Beet pulp can also serve as a concentrate.

Fresh water

Fresh water is as important for horses as it is for humans. Normally, horses need 5-10 gallons of water a day.

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