We start a weight Loss program and with all the best intentions in the world most of us fail. But don’t get disheartened because I’m going to give you a few ideas which might just help you in your quest to lose those pounds. Get nice and comfy in your chair and read on.

Habit plays a vital part in almost everything you do. Repeat something often enough and it becomes easy, in other words it becomes a new habit. It’s the same with dieting and exercise, if you take a walk at roughly the same time each day it feels natural and it’s not such a chore. When you repeatedly go to the supermarket and search out fresh fruit and low calorie foods it will become normal to your shopping pattern.

Doing something continuously will re-program your subconscious, and it’s the same with your weight loss program. When you get used to doing something that isn’t in your daily activity it becomes a habit and you accept it as normal, and that’s a positive step forward. If you can ‘Think Thin’ you’re on your way to success. Remember, It’s going to be a case of ‘out with the old’ and ‘In with the new’.

If you write down what you want to achieve and treat it as a goal it will help to keep you focused. Writing it down has the effect of embedding it in your mind and without getting too heavy this is where your subconscious mind picks it up. Think of your subconscious as your store room for your habits, after all you don’t have to think which shoe lace to tie first, and subconsciously you will always tie them in the same order. Think about that and see if I’m right. Get into the habit of eating healthy foods and it will happen: Just try it.

Here’s a thought for you: Like most people you probably have some eating ‘Triggers’. For instance: When you sit and relax in the evening and watch some TV how many of you reach for the chocolate or candy or some other snack. You’re not really hungry, it’s not meal time but the action of sitting down with the TV is a trigger. If you go into a bar with friends think about the packets of potato chips, or nuts. The action of sitting down to relax with a drink is a trigger. Walking past the doughnut store or popcorn machine with that lovely sweet smell is a trigger. See what I mean? These are your eating triggers. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting there are some things you can never do, I’m just pointing out that you need to be careful and think before your old ways come rushing back: be understanding of why you eat between meals and the negative effect it can have.

While I’ve got you in the mood for thinking, try this for size: Your child makes a great effort with the homework or your pet dog can do a really cool trick. What’s the incentive? A treat well earned. So to help with your weight loss program why not reward yourself? Set a target, for example if you lose 3 lbs, buy yourself that DVD you’ve seen advertised, then set another target. You’ll be surprised how that can drive you forward. If you reward yourself you’ll be far more motivated to conquer your next goal. Give it a try. Remember, step by step and you’ll get there.

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