One of the biggest problems when dining out is the lack of knowledge regarding the amount of calories a meal contains. This is especially aggravating for those individuals who are trying to lose weight. When dining out, we consume various meals without even a feeling of guilt because lets face it, “what you don’t know, won’t hurt you.” I believe that the knowledge of the calorie count when dining out would surely reduce our dependence upon restaurants. For instance, if you knew that the Bloomin Onion which is served at a popular steakhouse contained an estimated 2,130 calories, would you eat it? Chances have it that you would stay as far away as possible from that appetizer. So the question remains, should restaurants provide us with the calorie counts?
Anyone who is struggling with his/her weight would definitely agree that calorie counts would be helpful and should be required. Well, you should be happy to note that there are 2 bills currently making their way through Congress which require restaurants with 20 or more outlets to provide nutrition information. These restaurants would have the choice to provide this information right at the restaurant or via the internet. Either way, as a consumer you would have the benefit to decide what you want to eat based upon the nutrition facts (not merely a guess). New York City restaurants, with at least 15 outlets, were recently required to display nutrition facts on the menu. The response from the patrons was shock given that calorie counts were much higher than expected.
So as you can see, being aware of the calorie counts can help you make wiser meal choices. So if you want to lose weight make sure to do all that you can in order to ensure the passing of bill. Weight loss can also be attained with the help from all natural diet pills and whey nutri melt shakes. 

Susan Smith writes health articles about fitness and nutrition. Some of her favorite passions include writing about energy drinks .

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