Your hairstyle plays an important role in defining your personality. We all try our best to take proper care of the hair. But our modern lifestyle is so unhealthy that most of us have hair loss. Now one means to combat this problem are the surgical & laser treatments. But these are quite expensive and tedious. Besides, they have innumerable side effects. The natural methods are always better in curing any problems related to your beauty & weight. They might take some time, but they have no side effects.

Here is the glimpse of the food that helps in hair growth

* Chick peas: It provides you zinc as well as vitamin B6 that help in the prevention of baldness. Zinc helps in building the hair protein.

* Roast beef: This also helps you get the same nutrients. Vegans may take soybeans and chickpeas instead of this food item.

* Soy beans: It is quite rich in the proteins. It also supplies you with iron and vitamin E.

* Almonds: These help you get iron, vitamin E and proteins that help you lower down the cholesterol levels in your body. You must take them instead of taking the cholesterol lowering drugs. These drugs also cause baldness.

* Whole wheat: It is one food that helps hair growth a lot. It supplies silica and iron to your body. Silica helps you absorb the various other vitamins & minerals. It is rarely found in the western diets that may be a major cause of baldness.

* Cow’s milk: It contains the absorbable iodine.

* Oats: They are good sources of iron that is very easy to be absorbed. It also contains the potassium, magnesium and phosphorus.

* Oranges: It is an important source of Vitamin C that is responsible to develop collagen that plays an important part in hair growth.

* Fish: It is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, essential fatty acids and protein. Healthy fatty acids help in taking care of your hair, nails and skin.

Along with the right diet, you may choose to apply the organic hair care products like Smart. These have no side effects and are very successful in this endeavor.

To know more about effective diets & natural products to prevent hair loss

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