The consumption of a poor diet is one of the main risk factors for Candida overgrowth. Therefore, dietary becomes a basic part of any natural Candida cure. This article lists ten foods to avoid Candida yeast diet.


#1 – Sugar.
Avoid high sugar foods at all costs as it is food for the yeast. This includes artificial sweeteners, fructose, glucose, sucrose, corn syrup, maple syrup and honey. Say no to chocolate, candy, soda and cookies.


#2 – Mushrooms.
Mushrooms are mold and they help to tip the balance of healthy vs harmful bacteria in the wrong direction. Stay away.


#3 – Caffeinated drinks.
If it’s got caffeine in it, then you need to detox from it until the Candida has gone. Give your liver a rest and help your immune system get back on top.


#4 – Fruit.
Most fruits are high in fructose, which is more Candida food. Steer clear of all fruits if you can. Even dried fruits or fruit juice.


#5 – Cheese.
Aged, moldy or processed cheese gets the boot. These often have high concentrations of yeast in them. Many people are sensitive to dairy food, so perhaps try avoid all dairy produce if you can.


#6 – Alcohol.
Yeast and sugar are Candida’s favorite things. Beer has both, so leave it out. Avoid other alcoholic drinks as well as they are packed with sugar.


#7 – Bread and pastries.
Many baked items that rise include yeast. This includes bread, pastries, bagels, muffins and rolls.


#8 – Peanuts.
Many peanuts have traces of mold on them and are therefore best avoided. Yes, that includes peanut butter as well, before you ask!


#9 – Additives and preservatives.
Tinned and processed food will be laden with them. Give your body a break and abstain.


#10 – Condiments.
Condiments are often high in sugar and/or vinegar. Ketchup, chili sauce, BBQ sauce, mayonnaise, pickles, mustard and relishes all need to be avoided.


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