For many people, dieting has proved to be a very tough challenge, however, if you set realistic goals by taking small steps and long term planning, you can succeed in overcoming the challenge.

1. Dieting results are different for each person so focus on your body, don’t try to lose a certain amount of weight at a certain time just because someone else does it. Take into consideration your height, how overweight you’re at the time of starting the diet, ideal weight you’re trying to achieve, your eating habits, amount of exercise and your own body.

2. Visit your doctor and get a good check up before starting any diet or exercise regime. The desire to lose weight must come from inside of you and not from outside forces. Find out why you really want to lose the weight and write it down. Anytime you falter read the reason why you want to lose weight to get motivated again.

3. Understanding why you make the food choices is also a very critical step in wanting to diet. Have a positive mental attitude. The way you think of your food is important. Eat healthy nourishing meals in small proportions throughout the day.

4. Make a commitment to lose the weight and not just mention it ever so often. Those pounds will remain until something is seriously done about it.

5. Set some long term, medium term and short term realistic goals. Again, write them down and put the dates you want to achieve your dieting goals, you will have a better chance of achieving them.

6. Don’t starve yourself. If your calorie intake gets too low, your body starvation mechanism kicks in and your diet become ineffective – the weight loss stops. Eat good tasting food. Not because you’re dieting the food has to be tasteless.

7. Remember to eat your breakfast, it is the most important meal of the day. You need your breakfast to start your metabolism going again after it was deprived of food during sleep. Eat several small meals daily.

8. Get creative with you diet routine so it won’t get boring. Eat something different, try a new exercise, change around your daily diet routine. Variety is the spice of life.

9. Exercise regularly to keep fit, it tones up the body while losing weight and helps to keep you mentally sharp as well. Drink plenty of pure water to prevent the body from getting dehydrated.

10. Set realistic goals, don’t try to lose too much weight too soon. Try to lose one to two pounds a week, it is achievable and healthy. You don’t want to see your skin sagging from losing weight too fast, plus it goes back on very fast and it’s not good for your health.

Remember, just as every other goal in life there will be some bad days but, is how you deal with it is the difference between success and failure.

Carol A. is a keep fit enthusiast and tries her best to eat healthy and stay in good health. If you’re desirous of finding a natural healthy solution that will work for you then visit for more information.

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