Everywhere you turn it seems that Acai Burn for men, or to give it its correct name, Acai Burn Extreme, is being talked about and hailed as the new wonder weight loss supplement for guys who are looking to drop those extra pounds and get ripped!  But does it do what it says on the bottle or is it another ‘miracle’ weight loss pill that’s out to take your money and your dreams and leave you over weight?

Well first of all Acai Burn Extreme is made from the ever popular acai berry.  If you’ve been trying to drop the weight then you’ve probably heard about this little berry that’s grown and harvested in the Amazon rain forest.  We in the West might have only recently ‘discovered’ this berry, but the natives have been eating and drinking these berries for centuries and they swear by the health benefits that the berry gives.

In short, the berry boosts metabolism – the process by which your body burns the calories and food that you eat.  The berry acts as an appetite suppressant by adding fiber, proteins and vitamins to your diet – which makes you feel satisfied and less likely to go snacking on food.  In fact the figures show that because Acai Burn Extreme is made from the extract of acai berry, it can help a man lose up to 450% more weight than a man who is simply exercising and eating healthily.

The main thing about many of the weight loss supplements you’ll find on the market is that they don’t take on board the fact that a man and a woman have different weight loss goals and also obviously have different body make ups!  In the past guys have had to make do with what their wives or girlfriends were using, but at last someone in the diet industry has woken up to the fact that actually there are differences between men and women and so it makes sense that their requirements, when losing weight, are going to be different!

Now here’s great timing for you! Right now acai burn extreme is offering you a free trial offer of their best selling weight loss product for men!! Don’t miss out get yours today!

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