The fact remains that being a jerk put off a lot women. However, are you aware that even nice guys can end up a loser in the dating game as well? This is for the reason that nice guys usually possess qualities which make girls think twice if they are indeed men- in the truest meaning of this word. More so, nice guys are often less adventurous, challenging and even mysterious. Boring is the description that you may want to try to avoid if you are a nice guy. Below are the three reasons why most nice guys turn into boring guys- and finish last.


They may be too feminine. No girl would ever want to have a boyfriend who acts in the same way as her gal pal would. She may be impressed that you can do a lot of house chores, that you have a good relationship with her and your mom and that you can get along well with her friends, but she won’t be very happy to see you all to feminine to be considered as her guy. If you are a mama’s boy, make sure to leave some of your masculinity within you when you are with your girl.


They may be ‘over-romantic’. Flowers, chocolates, candlelight dinner and the works are considered very romantic by most girls. Overdoing it, however, may already feel too habitual for some. Here is the deal: If a nice guy is always overly sweet, he risks the entire excitement of the relationship. Just imagine a guy giving her girl a rose daily; come their anniversary, a bouquet of roses may no longer be as special as expected.


They are easy to please. It is critical that nice guys realize the fact that being easy to please is boring. A couple of arguments here and there is necessary to keep a relationship healthy. Besides, it will feel all too staged and unrealistic to be in an always ‘serene’ connection.


Now Listen Carefully-

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