The depth of the classic best-selling mobile phones to explore the introduction of numerous versions of the product has always been a good business strategy for Motorola. In addition to the RAZR series cell phone rage, the Motorola targeted in turn has two million in sales on smart handwriting machine A1200. Yesterday the opening of CES2007 Consumer Electronics Show, Motorola released the new slide at the same time RIZRZ6 Linux mobile phone for the A1200 support EDGE networks launched an enhanced version of A1200e.

As other enhanced version of Motorola, as the U.S. release A1200e the same functionality in the phone number is not surprising progress, while in the past to support GSM / GPRS quad-band network on the basis of increased support for EDGE technology can get faster data download speeds, the machine changes the functional aspects of the original RAZRV3ie and RAZRV3i as the difference between the same. Therefore, if the function of enhancing the aircraft looking forward to is bound to be disappointment. Of course, as has come out of the A1200R like comparing the first aircraft is to improve the sound A1200, the player’s equalizer, bar code readers, the details of two-dimensional code recognition feature. So in other words, the machine is a support EDGE technology A1200R, which is looking to buy Red A1200R for users who should also be a good news.

A1200e Motorola phones As an elegant appearance and has received numerous design awards Motorola smartphone flagship product, although the came has been some time. But sales in good condition compared to A1200 There is clearly a vast market space. And from the function, the machine is also favorably. This machine has a 2.4 inch color TFT LCD screen QVGA26 million to support 320 × 240 pixel resolution and handwriting touch operation function, and the phone has built-in 2 million pixel camera, not only to support a variety of shooting functions, and specialized micro- Order photos from the technology focus more clearly. In addition, A1200 has a unique business card recognition feature, simply use the built-in digital camera and macro function of the direct capture card, phone cards that can identify a text message into telephone number of the post. Motorola A1200 E680 also continued the excellent audio and video entertainment. Built-in Realplayer media player, compatible with MP3, WMA, RealAudio, RMVB, 3GP, MPEG4, MIDI, WAV, AAC and AMR formats such as audio / video files, and supports full screen playback as well as background and has a FM radio.

A1200e Motorola phones

Motorola A1200e also uses Linux open operating system and equipped with the intelXScale 312MHz processor, with a strong software compatibility and stable operation performance. At the same time mobile phone also has excellent business functions, in addition to the unique business card scanning function, supports supports Word, Excel, Powerpoint file browser, and also built-in electronic dictionary in English Kingsoft, USB data cable and through Bluetooth technology and PC transfer data and management of personal information. Motorola A1200e the body also has 8MB of memory, and through micro-SD memory card expansion cell phone storage space. According to Motorola’s official plan, this EDGE version of the A1200 will come out in the first quarter of this year. The domestic Chinese version has also been tested by the network is expected to be the world’s first listing.

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