Most people that are on a bodybuilding contest diet make a few mistakes that can actually wreck their progress or any gains that they hope to make. Look at it this way, you’ve decided on competing and dedicate the next twelve weeks to training hard, eating low calories and doing hours of cardio. You do it hoping that you’ll get in shape but you don’t follow a proper bodybuilding contest diet and never lose fat.

The first mistake that I usually see is that people eat too much protein. Now protein is needed since our body uses protein for both energy and to retain muscle mass. Most people make the mistake though of thinking that they need large amounts of protein all the time. This couldn’t be further from the truth. While protein will help us to retain muscle mass, it also can be converted to carbohydrates if we consume too much. So our body needs energy and we are consuming too much protein so it gets turned to carbs that we have to burn off to lose body fat. You see the problem?

The next issue that is a big problem is that people go too low on carbohydrates too soon. Now I agree that carbohydrates need to be kept low in order for us to low bodyfat during our bodybuilding contest diet but if we drop them too soon we actually end up burning muscle mass. Since our body needs carbs for energy, plus carbs are a excellent tool for keeping protein sythesis high. They prevent our body from burning protein for fuel. So if we drop them too low then we have no weapon to keep our metabolism high.

Lastly, we have fats. While fats are needed in a bodybuilding contest diet to keep testosterone high, too much fat is a bad thing. Since it’s so easy to store fat in adipose tissue as bodyfat the last thing that we want to do is think we’re doing good for eating fat but end up keeping more stomach fat. So what’s the obvious choice? For starters we should make sure that we’re keeping fat around thirty percent of our total daily calories. Too much more and we run the big risk of storing it. So as long as we are eating healthy fat we shouldn’t have that problem.

So now that we have pointed our proper nutrition tactics we should have no problem setting up a good bodybuilding contest diet.

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