We are always looking forward to a more simple way for natural weight loss. These are two small tips suppoting your attemps. One of the tips may be rather oddy but it works amazingly.


A Simple Tip to Lose Weight Quickly and Naturally.

This is to drink water. Of which most of us do not drink enough. Water is good for so much but I guess because you can’t patent water it does not get the advertising it deserves. Lol. Anyway, back to why drinking more water is a simple way to lose weight.


Firstly, it can be used as a hunger stifler. Have you ever noticed how you are offered something to drink before a big buffet? Well maybe to make you not eat so much! Actually it does fill up your stomach quite considerably. Often it is necessary to get children to drink after they have eaten some food or they won’t eat very much – hmm… maybe that is what you are supposed to do. Children are still in touch with what is natural.


Secondly, water is very effective for getting rid of water caused by water retention. This does sound a bit strange but water retention is often a result of water bound to sodium under the skin. Sufficient water will help flush out these toxins and give your muscle tone the look it deserves; healthy and vibrant, smooth and flawless.


Thirdly, water is good for your over all well being. It keeps your organs working, your kidneys and especially your skin. The skin is a very important organ that is often overseen. Water keeps it looking young because a lot of toxins are flushed out through the skin and the more water available the easier it is for the skin to do its job. Again leaving it looking healthy and vibrant.


Now for a Silly Tip to Lose Weight Naturally.

I am thinking of something called fletcherism. I do not know of any other name for this, but it means that you masticate your food so much that it turns to liquid in your mouth. The method here is that you have masticated the food very well while mixing it with saliva. Saliva starts the digestive process in your mouth and means that your stomach does not have to work so hard.


Fletcherism has the added benefit that you take longer to eat so your hunger disappears quicker and you feel fuller before you have over eaten or even eaten less than normal. And when you feel full you stop eating – even when you have some food left on your plate, lol. I find it is easier to use this method when eating food with more fibre like full corn breads and vegetables which makes me think that processed foods are not good for you. You swallow them so quickly that saliva hardly gets near them and the stomach has to work harder.


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Hey, you don’t have to change your whole life to find your thinner you again. Just simple and sometimes steps will be enough.

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