Time to lose some weight fast? Then the 3 day tuna diet might be just what you are looking for!

On the 3 day tuna diet you will lose weight quickly, but you must keep in mind that there is a reason why this diet is designed for only 3 days. Don’t expect any miracles from it as 3 days is not really a long period of time, so it won’t be enough to totally redesign you body. But it’s fine if you need to lose just a few pounds for a special event or if you want to jump start your weight loss.

What do you get to eat on the 3 day tuna diet?

Well, you guessed it – tuna! And only tuna! The reason is, this diet is actually more like a fast, meaning you create a huge calorie deficit as you eat next to nothing. But with having some small potions of tuna, like 3-5 times 50-100 g of tuna fish, you counteract the back draft of a fast which is that muscle tissue is being destroyed to give the body the amino acids it needs to survive.

The tuna fish portions will provide the protein which is digested into amino acids and your body can then use them for vital functions. Thus your muscle is preserved, which in terms of weight loss is important as muscle tissue is an important contributor to your metabolic rate. And in the end you will want to lose fat, not muscle, don’t you?

However, there is also a version of the 3 day tuna diet where you are allowed to eat small amounts of other food at meal times, like eggs, crackers and vegetables. This sounds less extreme, but also weight loss might not be as fast as more calories are consumed.

How long must or can I go on the 3 day tuna diet?

This diet is designed for 3 days, but if you can’t put up with 3 days of tuna in a row, just do one or two days as a jump start for your weight loss. Or do one tuna diet day per week, that is not so hard to do and can add up over time. For weight loss the average calorie deficit is important and when you cut 1,500 to 2,000 calories this way in one day and eat reasonable the other day of the week, you are still losing about 1 pound every two weeks!

As for going on the 3 day tuna diet for longer than 3 days, that can certainly be done, but rather check with you GP if there are any contraindications health wise for you specifically. People have been on fasts for long periods of time, but I would rather assume that you are not really looking forward to having tuna every day at some stage! Also consider that you are sending your body into starvation mode by keeping the calories intake too low over a longer period of time.


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