Here are some go green tips to bring healthy food to your table. Foods increasingly contain preservatives, artificial flavors and a host of other chemicals that not only harm you but the environment also.  This is the time to improve yourself, to improve the way you eat food by bringing natural, healthy foods to your table. Greening up your diet means you are going back to the good old days of fresh eco-friendly food; food that has not been processed and refined, with traces of pesticide. It is that simple!

By going green, you are not giving up on eating your favorite foods or converting into eating only vegetarian foods. It only means you are going to eat food your ancestors used to eat – food grown without the use of fertilizers and chemicals on the crops. Organic or green food simply means that the food is safe for you and your family, as well as for the environment.

Going Green With Your Food

Many Americans hesitate to go on a green diet simply because it is comparatively expensive, causing grocery bills to rise. It may not be easy to shop cheap right now, but, with the increase in demand for green food, things are bound to change. Do not start buying only organic food. Start slow and pick and choose. Certain vegetables and fruit retain high traces of pesticides, such as apples, peaches, strawberries and bell peppers, among others. The first important go green tip would be to buy these fruits and vegetables in their organic varieties.

Wheat, rice, cornmeal and oats are grains that you find on most Americans’ tables. Obviously, you are not going to cut them from your table . . . and there is no need to. Here is another of those go green tips:  opt for whole wheat bread and brown rice in place of white bread, white rice, pasta and corn flakes! Whole grains still retain their natural nutrition and, as they have not been processed in any way, their production means less pollution has been generated.

So you like a glass of wine with your food? No problem. Try organic wines. Organic wines are made from grapes grown without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. You are doing yourself and the planet a service by choosing organic wines.

Buy food that is grown locally. It may or may not be organic, but you can check. On average, food travels around 1500 miles to reach the American table, and locally grown food may be less expensive.

Do the environment a big favor by taking up this go green tip. When you go grocery shopping, carry a re-usable shopping bag with you. There are many available in an assortment of sizes and materials. Avoid plastic bags. Plastic bags are environment-unfriendly and are made from petroleum products. They are not bio-degradable and are a continuous nuisance.

Use these go green tips and bring a healthy environment into your home.

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