If you are looking for weight loss, what you really want is a healthy fat loss diet. You don’t want starvation, you don’t want liquid diets, and if you are out of shape and overweight you don’t need someone telling you that you need to hit the road with your running shoes, because you could kill yourself trying to that (for now). What you want is a way to lose weight while you still eat good, tasty foods and don’t have to do anything to embarrass or discourage yourself. Does this sound basically impossible? Well, it’s not.

There is a healthy fat loss diet for weight loss that you can get involved in. It’s not any of these trendy or celebrity diets. It’s not the Jillian Michaels stop-being-a-loser workout. (Again, that is a great workout program, but if you are overweight right now, you aren’t in the basic shape you need to be to go through with it!) A healthy fat loss diet for real weight loss is one that should let you feel satiated and won’t make you try to start running 10Ks in order to lose weight. Furthermore, don’t you think it should be easy to understand, easy to implement, and get you results right away? Once again–no, this is not too good to be true. It’s not wishful thinking. It’s real.

You see, I personally know of such a healthy fat loss diet. If you follow this particular weight loss regimen, you won’t have any reason to get discouraged. You won’t be eating tasteless foods. You won’t be consuming “breakfast replacement shakes” or buying anything other than real food from a real grocery store. And, yes, you should exercise on this plan–but, you can start off easy and moderate. You don’t have to get into weight lifting or cross-country track running to start seeing the pounds melt off of you.

Another thing about this healthy fat loss diet that I know so well: you can ignore what they say about “genetics”. Sure, it’s true that some people are born with more slender frames and faster metabolisms than other people. Some people are born “Type A+” while others are not. But, no matter who you are, no matter where you come from, and no matter what your parents and aunts and uncles have problems with as far as weight, you do NOT have to be fat. Nobody needs to be fat. A healthy fat loss diet won’t try to turn you “scrawny”, it will simply show you the way to get yourself down to your personal ideal weight. You may still weigh more than your best friend. But you will not be fat. No, you will be healthy, you will like the way you look, and you will feel the way you’ve always wanted to feel.

So, what’s involved in this healthy fat loss diet that I know of? Oh, just eating lots of delicious fresh fruits and veggies, plenty of protein, and even starchy carbs like oatmeal cereals and pasta. And, after every 11 days, you get to take three days and eat absolutely anything you want–fast food burgers and fries, meat lovers’ pizza, chocolate bars, and so on. Then you have to go back to eating those “awful” strawberries and having omelettes for breakfast for 11 days again! Oh–and you get to eat four times each day.

You will see weight loss beyond your wildest expectations with this plan. You will experience a healthy fat loss diet. You’ll like what you eat, and you’ll get into the shape you need to be in so that you can start your serious exercise plan and get even fitter.

If you have been struggling achieving your weight loss goals, you might want to switch things around for yourself.

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