Most researchers say that it takes about 20 minutes for our brains to realize that we are full. In accordance with this, most people who are trying to change their eating behavior are given advice to do the following – Put your utensils down in between bites, chew your food X amount of times, wait […]

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Here’s our list of Thanksgiving leftovers: Appetizers: cheese, crudités and dip, deviled eggs, nuts, olives Cranberry sauce Fresh herbs (parsley, rosemary sage, thyme) Gravy Stuffing Turkey Vegetables: brussels sprouts, corn pudding, mashed potatoes   We’ve been deluged with leftover recipes for pizza, pot pie, sliders, and other foods that are as heavy as yesterday’s meal. […]

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November 23rd is National Cashew Day. This year, take a step away from the snack nuts and take a look into the newest cashew product: cashew milk. WHAT IS NUT MILK? Nut milks are non-dairy milks made from ground nuts. The liquid looks like cow’s milk, hence the name. Basic nut milk comprises nuts crushed […]

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[1] This recipe, from Healthy Seasonal Recipes, substitutes raspberry jam for some of the sugar. [2] Whole fresh cranberries last for months in the fridge. We pop them into the freezer to make this relish year-round (photo courtesy Ocean Spray).   November 22nd is National Cranberry Relish Day. This classic cranberry-orange relish recipe from Ocean […]

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Yesterday we offered seven tips to fix gravy that was too thick, too thin, too salty, etc. So now that you have your perfect gravy, how can you keep it warm? It’s simple: Use your thermos! This tip works with gravy made in advance, as well as gravy whipped up just before serving…and the extra […]

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Acomplia diet pills and tablets are a part of the Acomplia diet program. These offer the proper milligram and dosage of the ingredient Rimonabant, as well as the other inactive ingredients that are included. The pills are easier to swallow than the tablets and many different individuals feel as if the tablets have an aftertaste […]

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