The good Carbohydrate, compared to bad, cause only a moderate rise in blood level Glucose. These include full grain, brown rice, pulse like lentils dry beans, most fruits (best to eat them first on an empty stomach) and most vegetables, especially if they are rich fibers, such as garlic, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce green beans.

Other foods, which generate relatively low response Glycemic, include white dried pasta, barley, and bread wheat groats full grain. There is affinity between the integration of these foods on a diet Glucose decrease in blood insulin cheat fat (World Rev Nutr Diet, 1990; 62: 120-85).

The key is Glycemic index list (Gl) of carbohydrate, the method of rating ability of a particular type of food to raise the level of sugar in the blood.

Some carbohydrate – especially those that were processed, such as most types of white bread and rice – can cause an increase in weight, while other types can eat relatively large quantities without having to worry about the number of kilograms, the weight appears on the monitor.

Glycemic impact of different types of food is not an idea of Michel Montiniik only. In 1976 determined that a professor Philis. Park (Phyllis A. Crapo) and the crew of his, when they found that blood levels Glucose  changed with the group participants, when they were given different types of food. Like many others in those days and today, Montiniik Use GI of carbohydrate in order to help monitor the disease Diabetes fight against it, but he soon found that the patient got weight significantly.

Professor Jenny Brand Miller (Jennie Brand Miller) one of the authors Glucose Revolution (Hodder & Stoughton, 2000) also invested many years in the GI research. She believes that the carbohydrate depresses supernatural work of appetite, and that all of carbohydrate foods, the cost-Gl lowest satisfying are most able to prevent attacks hungry for long periods of time anymore. She also contends that the Glucose camouflage insulin in the blood and that also is involved in the location of body fat storage. According to the theory of Brand Miller regulation the Glucose  blood helps fire fat  more efficient in  body.

Studies show that who can eat  food with a low GI loss more weight from the the one how eat food with high Gl, even when the same amount of calories different types of food. the research findings that in  South – African, in which participants share Gl groups of high and low Gl. Amounts of calories, fat, protein, carbohydrate fibers were identical, the only difference was the Glycemic index list.

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