Diets are usually packed with complicated meal plans and recipes. Successful dieting can be achieved by the level of creativity with food preparations or by the simplicity of the diet program. There are many ideas available from simple to complex when it comes to meal plans. Easy planning for the day often requires some simple snack ideas especially for busy lifestyles.

There are 7 great snacks that are easy to prepare and help promote weight loss.

1. Fruit in a bowl is a great snack that requires minimum preparation. This recipe can be achieved by simply mixing fresh or canned with light syrup fruit in a bowl. The amount of fruit necessary for this mixture does not matter. Simply mix enough for hunger satisfaction. Light whipped topping may also be added for added taste.
2. Pudding in a cup is a really easy snack to prepare. These snacks can be purchased in already made individually wrapped cups from most any grocery or food store. Pudding may also be made in the kitchen by using a mix and water. Choosing to mix the pudding in the kitchen will require that the mixture sit in the refrigerator until it is firm.
3. Gelatin treats are also very easy to make. These can be prepared from a mix and water that is then cooled in the refrigerator or by simply purchasing already made cups similar to the pudding cups.
4. Sticks of meat and cheese are prepackaged for easy consumption. These are available for purchase from most grocery or convenience stores.
5. Nuts of any kind are great for traveling. They come in sealed cans and offer wonderful convenience for grabbing a snack when hungry.
6. Trays of vegetables can be prepared in the kitchen or purchased from any grocery or food store. These snacks are even acceptable when dipped in low fat salad dressings to enhance taste.
7. Cheeses of any kind and texture are terrific for snacking. There are many different varieties and can be purchased in individually wrapped portions making it an easily accessible snack.

Snacks are a good part of any diet because meals should be eaten no more than every four hours apart. Depending on hunger level, meals can be very large or very small. Better snack choices will offer a good alternative for small meals while continuing to hold off hunger until the next scheduled time to eat. This is why better snack choices determine the success of any diet.

Michelle Franklin, Certified Weight Loss & Health Coach, specializes in obesity through health coaching designed to promote better health and diet by implementing an easy, quick, cheap and safe way to lose weight and become healthy and active. She has over 16 years of experience and has helped hundreds of individuals lose weight and keep it off by using her healthy and easy diet plan along with her unique coaching skills. Isn’t it time for you to take control of your own health and finally reach your weight loss goals?

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