Finally, here’s a diet that provides nutritionally balanced options. The Beverly Hills Diet is the so-called “mother of all fad diets”. It was first conceived in 1981. More than two decades later, it shows itself with a new face.

The Core Principle

The main principle behind the much-improved New Beverly Hills Diet is the conscious combination of food choices. According to this diet, the main problem does not lie in how much food is consumed but in what combinations and manners by which they were consumed. With that said, people who practice this method of weight loss are taught how to properly combine foods such that digestion works at its best.

Rules of Food Combination

Below are the very basic rules of combining food to maintain a nutritionally balanced meal plan:

– Proteins and fats combine well
– Carbohydrates are eaten along with fats
– Fruits are stand-alone foods and are consumed in unlimited proportions
– Champagne is combined with almost anything

A Typical Day…

This diet allows for somewhat normal food consumption. Though there are days when fruits are the only foods allowed to be consumed, the rest of the 35-day period consists of almost normal food intakes. Remember that food combinations and timing are far more important than the amount of calories ingested.

Breakfast – A typical breakfast consists of fruits. In between fruits, there should at least be a one-hour interval. Two hours after consuming fruits, the dieter can consume proper meals.

Regular meals – This is where true limitations and changes happen. Once a person starts eating a certain type of food, say a carbohydrate-dense food, he has to stick with it until the schedule for the next type of food begins. Once the meal changes, the remaining meals have to follow suit.

On Exercise

It is not an inherent part of the diet but it is recommended.

Final Notes

The New Beverly Hills Diet is a slightly more balanced version of the previous method. It incorporates animal meat and generous selections of fruits and vegetables, but remains low on calories and fats.

Now you want to have more energy, be Healthier, look Younger, lose weight, and cleanse your body, right?

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