When we look at something as fantastically diverse as the human body, it is almost impossible to set a maxim which will work equally well for everyone, never mind the still developing physiology of the average teen. Even so, there are some qualities mutual to everyone, and this means that some basic principles can be developed to help teens and adults alike. For the purposes of this article I shall be focusing on teens, so here are five established methods to help teens lose weight.

Teen Tip 1
The most basic approach to successful weight loss is to burn more calories than you consume. This needn’t necessarily be difficult to apply in some area of your life. Alter your diet by cutting down on foods that have a high fat content, and take some easy exercise for up to half an hour, at least three times a week. Try going for a brisk walk instead of taking public transport or having someone drive you. It will have the desired effect and you will lose weight in no time. If you don’t fancy walking then you could try some gentle jogging or swimming.

Teen Tip 2
More and more teens are taking up membership of a gym. If your exercise program is well planned, this can be particularly beneficial. Most gyms nowadays have trained fitness instructors who can work with you on a one to one basis and formulate the correct program to suit your needs and abilities. Successfully carrying out your routine will give you more strength and energy, and will also increase your confidence.

Teen Tip 3
Consulting health professionals such as nutritionists or dieticians can pay off considerably. If you are tackling your problem by yourself, you will need to seriously examine the benefits and deficiencies of all foods to ensure that you are actually eating healthily. Unfortunately, many of those who decide to go it alone find themselves disheartened by the lack of diversity in their diet. If this is you then take heart because there are stacks of different healthy meals which can help you lose weight. Following the advice of a knowledgeable health professional should make the struggle to lose weight more pleasant than you might at first think.

Teen Tip 4
Exercising on your own can be very boring so enlist the help of a friend who would like to exercise too. Having a familiar face to help you when it seems you’ve had enough can give you the lift you need and revitalise your efforts. Additionally, bringing a social value to your program will mean you look forward to it, and make it more likely that you will stick to it!

Teen Tip 5
Eat more meals but have smaller portions. By spreading the work of the digestive system over a longer period of time, the body will be able to do its job more easily and will balance the nutrients ingested much more efficiently. The tradition of having three square meals a day is designed purely to fit in with the working day and not with the needs of the human body. By eating less food but more often, your body will absorb more of the essential nutrients in the food, thereby craving fewer calories.

Trying to lose weight is not an easy task for anyone and is especially difficult for the peer pressured teen. These tips above have been tested over time and always come up trumps. Try them out, it may be easier than you thought it was.

Article Source: http://ezineseeker.com/?expert=Ian_Russell

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