You know I use to struggle with confidence and attracting the right kind of women in my dating life. I am sure there are a lot of guys out there who are struggling with the same thing. But I have some good news that I thought would be an excellent tip for other guys. Even though I attracted some girls, I just was not finding the right type of girl that really want to date until I figured out a few things that changed what I was doing and how I was acting to get girls to date.

There is a great dating guide that I found that helped me figure out a few things. What I learned from this dating book was I was being too soft and giving too much of myself too soon. I had to be more proactive and assertive. This meant changing my strategy. I used to think that if I laid my heart on the floor women would pick me up but I was so wrong. I realized women really wanted someone who just didn’t agree with her on everything but actually had an opinion and always made decisions on suggested plans for the date, the restaurant and take the lead. I know it sounds old fashion but it still remains to be true to this day.

This ideal dating guide also revealed to me that women love guys who are passionate and interested in my own life. By sharing things about my life I found that either a potential date had the same interest or not, so then I could decide if we would actually have a good time. Showing women that you have goals, plans and ambition to succeed at something important to you is what women admire and respect. Look at budding musicians or artists. They have little money, but great passion and they always draw women to them.

Interesting people have great stories to tell and go out and experience life. This can make any conversation carry on for as long as you want with almost any girl. This book gave me information I already knew and took for granted and helped to me revealed the best part of me to women in any situation. By now, you must be wondering what this book is that I am recommending to you. Well it is Guy Gets Girl and in my opinion it really excelled in putting the whole dating game into perspective for me and maybe you too.

Guy Gets Girl Review
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