One of the most popular diets on the market today is the Prescription HCG Diet, which is thought to be a leader in its industry. The Prescription HCG Diet is also known as a VLCD or very low calorie diet, limiting caloric intake and paying attention to specific food and drink. It is thought that when participating in the Prescription HCG Diet, the dieter does not often realize the limits he/she is placing on him/herself.

The caloric intake for the dieter participating in the Prescription HCG Diet is 500 calories. Through the Prescription HCG Diet instructions and guidelines, the dieter is able to read a list of approved foods and drinks. He/she will also see the appropriate measurement of items that can be eaten with the Prescription HCG Diet.

In the well-balanced diet, the dieter can eat colorful veggies and proteins that total 500 calories.  The VLCD encourages the dieter to follow the instructions closely in order to maximize weight loss in a way that is healthy.  It is necessary to consume protein because it works inside the body to help the dieter feel full.  When using the Prescription HCG plan, the dieting individual needs to pay attention to the quantity of protein.

One of the important aspects to the Prescription HCG weight loss plan is the formula, which can be consumed in two different ways.  The formula can be taken through injection or orally.  The injection will occur once a day, while the oral method must be taken between 1 and 3 times per day.  Many people on the diet prefer to do the injection rather than have to remember to take the oral drops more than once a day.

The diet formula complements the VLCD so that the dieter does not stray from the program easily.  Thus, it is necessary that the individual participating in the plan count calories, pay attention to foods consumed, and take the formula.  By using the Prescription HCG website that has numerous tools and resources, the dieter has a greater chance of success.  Online, there is an eCookbook and a way for the dieter to communicate and chat with other participants.  The eCookbook has tailored recipes that are full of flavor and option.

The tools that are online also list the proteins that are recommended to individuals in the program by Dr. Simeons.  It is suggested that the person vary the type of protein being eaten so that the same type of protein is not eaten at the same time and every day.

The dieter should also note what cut of meat or what type of protein that is being eaten.  There are certain meats or cuts of meats that are full of fat, meaning they do not work well with the Prescription HCG weight loss plan.  It is in these types of details that the dieter will be able to have a higher success rate.

Some of the program participants believe they are being restricted when only being allowed to intake 500 calories a day.  If he/she pays attention to the appropriate foods, establishing a menu that is fun and delicious, then he/she should not be too overwhelmed.  The dosage of Prescription HCG formula will also help.  The Prescription HCG plan of weight loss is thought to work to lose weight and keep it off.

Thomas T. Wright has studied neutraceuticals and hormone related pharmaceuticals for more than a decade. He discovered the benefits of The Prescription HCG Diet more than five years ago and has been a staunch supporter since then.

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