One can find a diet pill for losing one’s body weight easily in the market. Have you ever given a thought that what these pills do to your body? The answer is that these pills acts as an appetite suppressants for reduction of amount of calories you need to consume each day for day to day physical activities of your body. But is this a safe way to lose weight and even the more important, is the weight loss stable?

When you start taking pills to reduce weight, what happens is that you will begin to lose weight by losing water weight and muscle mass. After taking these pills, your body is not getting enough calories needed to run its day to day activities, then body start eating your body’s muscle mass to fulfill the demand of your body rather than start burning fat.

As your body is not burning calories as it should be doing, your body’s metabolism slows down. That results in reduction of your muscle mass as your muscle needs more fuel than fat so your body will get burn your muscle first.

If you are taking 1000 calories a day instead of required 1500 calories because of your reduced appetite due to pills, then your body try to create a balance, so it will burn only 1000 calories that you taking each day.

The problem arises when you start taking your normal diet again. Now, metabolism of your body have slow down, the pounds will instantaneously pile on. This is because your new slow metabolism that you have by taking the diet pills has totally adjusted the way your body now uses the calories you take.

In conclusion, diet pills are not the best way to lose weight. Pill will always keep you in the viscous circle of losing muscle mass the gaining fat quickly.

Vikash Kumar is an expert fitness trainer from last 10 years. Giving his services to his clients for keeping their body in a perfect shape.

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