So you have decided to take hcg diet program but do you know what to do and what to avoid, you may have heard that for weight loss you are given drops of hcg hormone. But along with regular drops you should have a diet plan for your meals and that is the reason you should have hcg diet meal plan deigned according to your current health status and keeping in mind your weight loss goal.

Overview of hcg diet plan

When you begin with diet, in the first couple of days make sure that you feel loaded do not starve any time. Do not begin to load before you start taking hcg drops as with that you may gain weigh initially but all that will shed of in next few days. People who do not follow this rule may find it difficult to lose weight. You should begin the dieting in party spirits so you can eat anything you want and as much as you want.

Important part of hcg diet meal plan is that you should consume at least two litres of water everyday. You will have to start your day with a heavy breakfast along with sugarless tea or coffee. A sugarless drink creates lot of difference. You can take milk as much as one tablespoon but rather than you can go for healthier option which is Stevia. You are allowed to have good amount of lunch and dinner but you need to avoid oil, butter and dressing. In the lunch and dinner try to have green leafy vegetables like spinach, beet greens, tomatoes, cucumber, cabbage and combination of any kind of salad but do not use mayonnaise. You can have curd along with the meal or even buttermilk without sugar and salt is a good choice.

You are allowed to have fruits and one Melba toast in a day but do not over eat that. If you feel hungry before after lunch and diner you can have the fruits or the toast, this way you dont feel hungry during the lunch and dinner and your metabolism even stays table and burns in appropriate way.

You should be following the hcg diet meal plan very religiously as by that only the dream of losing weight can become reality. If you fail to find a diet meal plan then you should take help of the dieticians as they can advice a good diet meal plan that is not only result oriented but easy to follow as well.

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