It’s also significant to remember that your weight be supposed to be lost slowly. Don’t expect miracles during the night like some fad diets promise.

When you first start dieting, you will almost surely lose more water weight, therefore you may be losing more pounds initially.

But, if you’re responsibility it right, your weight loss will slow down to an average of one to two pounds per week.

Good weight loss and diet recommendation is hard to come by. This site has been designed to be your whole online weight loss companion.

We have bring together a huge array of free in sequence and resources dealing with all aspect of diet and losing weight.

We constantly monitor new development, products and new weight loss & diet techniques. We provide you with object analysis and opinion.

Causes of Weight Loss

1.  Medication Effects
2.  Emotional evils (Major Depression)
3.  Anorexia Nervosa or Alcoholism
4.  Late-life paranoia
5.  Swallowing disorder (See Dysphagia)
6.  Oral factors (e.g. Poorly fitting dentures)

Weight Loss Symptoms

Cancer affects nearby tissues by increasing into or pushing on them, thus irritating or compressing them. Irritation classically causes pain.

Compression may keep tissues from drama their normal functions. For example, a bladder cancer or a cancerous lymph node in the abdomen may condense the tube (ureter) connect the kidney with the bladder overcrowding the flow of urine?

Treatment of Weight Loss

1.  The most important point to bear in mind is that you are not on a ‘diet’, rather you are making a commitment to change your lifestyle and eating habits for the better and this will last you for the rest of your life

2.  The best way to lose weight is to eat less and to cut back on the fat in your diet.

3.  Avoid eating when you are not hungry and eating out of boredom or frustration.

4.  Learn to listen to your body and eat only when your body tells you that it needs food.

5.  Avoid snacking flanked by meals. Stick to your 3 balanced meals per day and eat only fruit in between if really necessary.

Home Remedies for Weight Loss

1. Cabbage is a negative calorie food that help in burning body fat. You can take cabbage as a salad or added to other food. Try to replace one meal with a cabbage meal.

2. Green tea is one of the accepted home remedies for weight loss. Drink three cups of green tea to deal with the extra weight. It is an ultimate fat burner.

3. Eat two red tomatoes every morning in breakfast for a few months. This will help in restricting calorie intake.

4. Prepare a mixture of 1/4 teaspoon crushed black pepper, 3 teaspoon lime juice, and 1 teaspoon honey in 1 cup water. Drinking this combination for 3-4 months to loss weight.

5. Drink a glass of lukewarm water varied with lime juice and some honey the first thing in the morning. This is also a ordinary home remedy for weight loss to dissolve the excess fats.

6. Eating 10-12 fully full-grown curry leaves every morning for 3 to 4 months may help in weight loss for obese populace.

7. Include fat ablaze food in your diet plan. This will help in weight loss for those who want to lose burden naturally.


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Dr. Sarkozy Mikal

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