As the year ends, we revisit some of our favorite products of the year.

They’re all Top Picks Of The Week, but they’re the ones that we can’t stop eating. If you’re looking for something new and special, we strongly recommend them. In alphabetical order, we present:


Better Beans

Most of us should eat more beans, a good source of protein and nutrients. Ready-to-eat better beans can be used as a dip, spread or side.

Here’s the review.
Superseedz Flavored Pumpkin Seeds

Seeds are better-for-you snack foods. Superseedz seasons them so deftly, that whether you want sweet or savory, you’ll fall hard. They also make great garnishes.

Here’s the review.

Casa Noble Tequila

We taste a lot of fine vodkas, but the one that stands head and shoulder above the rest is Casa Noble Tequila. It’s a fitting name.

Here’s the review.

Farmer’s Pantry Cornbread Crisps

If you love cornbread, these crisps satisfy the longing. They’re crispy instead of crumbly, room temperature instead of warm, but they hit the spot.

Here’s the review.

Cookies From Jane Bakes

These cookies (photo #2), which are of a softer style, are so satisfying that they substitute for our first love, which is cake. There are two gluten-free flavors.

Here’s our review.


Better Bean Roasted Chipotle Red Beans
[1] Better Beans, for dipping, spreading or sides, in several flavors. (photo courtesy Better Beans).

Double Chocolate Cookies Jane Bakes
[2] The minute you sink your teeth into one of these cookies, you’ll exclaim, “Eureka!” (photo courtesy Jane Bakes)

Seed + Mill Halva
[3] Chili chocolate chunk halva is just one of some two dozen irresistible flavors (photo courtesy Seed + Mill).

Seed & Mill Halva

Halva lovers, look no further. This halva (photo #3) is heavenly, in more flavors than you’ll have time to eat.

Here’s our review.


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