There are lots of reasons to appreciate, even cherish for the body you have. For one thing, accepting yourself is a lot more fun, and wastes away less time, than constantly consuming over what you don’t like, don’t have etc. Your body is yours, uniquely yours, to use, take care of, and to treasure. Your […]

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January 11th is National Hot Toddy Day; January 17th is National Hot Buttered Rum Day. But we think this Chocolate Hot Toddy recipe (photo #1) is so full of holiday cheer, it deserves to be enjoyed now. Hot buttered rum, also called a rum toddy, is a type of hot toddy, a venerable warm cocktail […]

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Winter is often considered as a season of festival and party. Although you know that you have to limit the food amount, you still feel hungry more quickly due to the cold. The following are 10 kinds of food for main and additional meals that can help you forget the worry about gaining weight. Pumpkin […]

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[1] and [2] How many uses can you find for deviled egg plates and similar platters? Photo of “Naked Vegetables” at Vicia Restaurant | St. Louis | Facebook, credited to @ctroesser for @sophisticatedlivingmag. The dips are broccoli hummus, chorizo purée, strained yogurt, homemade butter and nasturtium salt (green). [3] Shrimp cocktail bites in Chinese soup […]

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The face is one of many areas where fat accumulates during weight gain. Plump and chubby cheeks and double chin are part of the common complaints among people who suffer from fat face. Fat accumulated on face causes greater mental and physical problems. It not only appears our good looks but also possesses greater problem […]

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Purple may not be a theme color for the holidays, but we can’t resist the Stokes purple sweet potatoes that are in markets now. Once a rarity outside of Asian markets, purple potatoes are now popping up in mainstream markets nationwide. There are different varieties, which vary in shape and levels of moisture, density, richness […]

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  Vegetarian diets involve really several low body fat recipes which can be employed by a lot of weight watchers on the planet for various causes. Based on what sort of vegetarian they may possibly be men and girls are wanting to produce distinct low body fat vegetarian recipes. Men and girls are turning towards […]

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