In modern times, weight loss has become more and more popular among women. In fact, besides taking enough exercises, some kinds of ordinary foods in daily life can also help you lose weight. This is because these foods can speed up the metabolism of human body, promote digestion and absorption of food, and discharge the […]

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[1] Deck the table with this colorful salad. The recipe is below (photo Bella Sun Luci | Facebook. [2] Create a Caprese wreath on a platter. Here’s the recipe from the Daily Mail. [3] This Caprese wreath uses the smallest mozzarella balls, called perlini (photo courtesy Country Living).   Is there anything more bland than […]

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What are those jumbo grapes you occasionally find in the market? They’re muscadine grapes, Vitis rotundifolia, a species native to the warm, humid climate of the southeastern and south-central United States. The vines are well adapted to their native warm and humid climate. The grape has been extensively cultivated since the 16th century. Today there […]

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Give your holiday pies some panache with these snowflake pie crust cutters from Williams-Sonoma. For a special holiday-themed pie, try this one from the Williams-Sonoma Test Kitchen. Prep time is 60 minutes, cook time is 60 minutes.     RECIPE: CRANBERRY SNOWFLAKE PIE This recipe makes a deep-dish pie. If you don’t have a deep-dish […]

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If you check out the various acai berry diet reviews on the Internet, you will find that a lot is being mentioned about how the berry is effective in improving the psychological health of a person. Several ailments of the human mind, ranging from insomnia to depression, can be completely eliminated from the system by […]

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You can create special holiday cocktails with seasonal ingredients—cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, peppermint. But you can add a touch of red and green to Martinis and Margaritas as well. Here, some suggestions to get you thinking about holiday cocktail garnishes.     OPENING THOUGHTS If you want a red and green motif, cruise the aisles of […]

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