[1] A conventional submarine. Save carbs with the cucumber versions below (photo courtesy Wikimedia).   How cute are these bites, from Pierce Abernathy of Tasty.co? A better-for-you snack for the Super Bowl or other nibbling occasions, the concept puts submarine and other sandwich fillings between cucumber halves instead of bread. Vegetarian sandwich, with mozzarella, with […]

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A sparkling red cocktail for Valentine’s Day (photo courtesy Suerte Tequila).   That’s rose, not rosé, referring to the color of this drink recipe from Suerte Tequila. Even if you have no plans for Valentine’s Day, whip up one of these and you’ll have a special occasion. It’s a tequila-and-prosecco cocktail with pomegranate juice and […]

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Experts said that there are many ways to prevent cancer, including diet, sleep, mood and environment. The following are some anti-cancer foods. According to the latest reports, I will give a list to everyone. Rank 1: Tea People have mixed tea in the feed to mice that have cancer cells. They found that cancer cells […]

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Sweet and spicy, with brown sugar and sriracha sauce, this bacon snack recipe comes to us from actress Valerie Bertinelli, who recently published Valerie’s Home Cooking (photo #2). She calls the recipe Brown Sugar Sriracha Bacon Bites Candy. Taste-wise, it’s an irresistible collaboration of sweet, spicy, and savory. “It’s one of my favorite appetizers to […]

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Probably the best forums will be rooms regarding one’s tastes, combined with the factors that make worthwhile software – functionality, functions, economy, versatility and adaptability. Teenagers would be the bigger users of teenage chat rooms in most places, and they are doing from discussing the latest movie release to finding their partners for a lifetime […]

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Bourbon ribs, garnished with scallions and parsley…and a side of crunchy cole slaw (recipes below; photo courtesy Jim Beam).   How to make ribs taste even better? Cut the sweetness of the barbecue sauce with bourbon! For Super Bowl fare, we couldn’t resist these ribs: the personal recipe of Fred Noe, Jim Beam’s master distiller […]

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Avocado halves garnished with black and white sesame seeds, at Bo’s Kitchen.   We often enjoy an avocado half for breakfast, plain or with a splash of balsamic vinegar. We also have it as a first course with lunch or dinner. While we’ve filled the centers with everything from tuna salad to marinated cherry tomatoes […]

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