One of the biggest problems that people face when they go on some fad diet or join one of the many, many diet programs floating around these days, is that the food is simply inedible.  Whether it is combination of strange shakes, an endless stream of rabbit food or simple starvation, many modern “weight loss foods” just don’t seem to taste very good.

Perhaps that is because there is very little actual food in most of them.  In fact, if you read the labels on a majority of these so called diet products, you will find that chemical substitutes for food are their main ingredient.  But weight loss foods don’t have to be that way.

Tasty and Healthy Weight Loss Foods
Good food, food that hasn’t been modified, reconstituted and manipulated beyond recognition is really the best weight loss food that you can eat.  Your diet should be made up of tasty, healthy ingredients that promote metabolic activity and keep you feeling full and energetic.  Let’s look at some of your best options.

Why Lean, Grass-Fed Meats are Excellent Weight Loss Foods
Meat has a bad reputation that simply isn’t justified.  This would be different if more people knew that wild game is much lower in fat and offers higher levels of good fat than commercially grown cattle. 

The same holds true for grass-fed beef and lamb.  When animals grow the way nature intended them to grow, they don’t arrive on the supermarket shelves laden with antibiotics, steroids and heaven knows what else.

That means that when you eat them, your body can get right to putting the nutrients to work.  It doesn’t have to fight chemicals that are potentially harmful. Instead, it builds more lean muscle tissue that in turn helps you burn fat more efficiently.

Whole Grains
Getting used to whole grain products may take a bit of time if you have never had them before, but the benefits you reap are more than worth the effort.  Whole grains offer fiber, healthy carbohydrates, and plenty of nutrients that refined grains simply don’t have. 

To store grains, the food industry strips grains of all their nutrients.  They do this to prevent spoilage.  When they want to sell their products, they have to put in synthetic versions of the same nutrients they took out.  Your body can’t use those synthetics in the same way.

Not only will whole grains such as buckwheat, brown rice, quinoa and oats keep you feeling full for hours, they provide plenty of roughage to keep your digestive track happy.  They also taste great.

These little jewels deserve their own section because each one of them, from strawberries to gooseberries and onwards, all offer a serious dose of antioxidants and other benefits.  High in fiber, low in sugar and easy to add to just about anything, berries are a great way to sweeten a number of foods. 

It seems like every day we find out some new benefit to eating berries.  Fresh is always best, but you can get plenty of frozen, organic berries at the store when the berry season is over.

Leafy Greens
Not everyone likes spinach or kale, but if you want to get healthy, easily digestible calcium into your diet, there is no better way than to include a variety of leafy greens.  Rich in calcium and iron, these can be eaten in spinach salads, as beef and broccoli, Italian wedding soup or in any number of other recipes.

Whole Organic Eggs
Organic eggs are loaded with Omega 3s, something we really lack in our modern diet.  Most of our food contains plenty of Omega 6 which must be balanced if we are to establish good heart health.  While it is true that eggs contain cholesterol, they also offer a laundry list of essential nutrients and are an inexpensive source of grade A protein.

Of course, knowing which weight loss foods taste great is just the start of the process.  Your next step is to learn how to eat these delicious foods so you can achieve your fat loss goals.

If you feel that it is time for you to get beyond dieting, then it is time to learn how to eat for life.  Find out which weight loss foods work and which don’t.

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