There are several factors that can increase the chances of getting pregnant. However, the simplest and easiest way is choosing a healthy daily diet. Nutrients and vitamins present in the food are very useful in boosting the fertility rate, which automatically translates into greater chances of pregnancy.

Healthy diet for pregnancy is essential not only to boost fertility and reduce the risk for pregnancy-related problems but also for the overall health of a woman as well.

The following are essential nutrients and vitamins that can definitely help a woman increase her chances of pregnancy

Proteins from vegetables

Although protein is highly available in red meat, better and healthier alternative for protein source are found in vegetables. Beans, lentils, and legumes are a great source of protein, as well as spinach.


Carbohydrates still play an important role in the balanced diet as it provides the much-needed energy for daily activities. However, do away with refined sugar, white rice, white bread, and other processed sources. Better substitutions for these are brown sugar, brown rice, and whole grain bread. Switching to less processed alternatives can have a significant effect in the diet.

Fats from Dairy Products

Full-fat dairy foods help women increase fertility rate. Ice cream can help in the ovulation process. However, they should also monitor their intake as they may also acquire fats from other sources.


These supplements help women on fertility issues. But before rushing to the drugstore to get one, they should always seek a physician for advice to which multivitamins they should take.


Foods with high levels of iron can help prevent fertility-related problems. Furthermore, iron is needed to maintain healthy supply of blood to the fetus, making it essential part of pregnancy diets. Good sources of iron include green vegetables, beans, lean meat, and poultry products. Protein sources, such as meat and poultry, help maintain healthy level of iron.

Calcium and Vitamin D

Foods containing high levels of these nutrients should always be a part of pregnancy diets as it helps with the development of the baby’s bones and teeth. Milk and vegetables are very good sources of calcium and vitamin D.

Folic Acid

Folic acid is necessary as it helps on the production of a woman’s sex hormones and increase fertility rate. Good sources include citrus fruits.

Monounsaturated Fats

While Trans fats, which are commonly known on food labels as types of hydrogenated oils, are bad for people’s health, not every fat is bad.  Monounsaturated fats, like olive oil, helpful to relieving fertility problems.


Omega-3 doesn’t only boosts fertility but also greatly improves heart condition, thus it is an essential part of pregnancy diet. This highly important nutrient is commonly found in fish.Flax seeds are also good source of omega-3.

However, healthy pregnancy diet should be maintained along with the avoidance of unhealthy foods and vices to effectively live a healthy lifestyle. The following should be avoided.

Alcohol – It can greatly reduce a woman’s fertility rate, as well as pregnancy-related problems.
Cigarettes – this should definitely be avoided. Cigarette smoking has always been linked with birth-related physical defects, as well as other health problems.
Caffeine – as with alcohol, it also reduces the chances of pregnancy. Avoid high-caffeine beverages like coffee, tea, and tea, and foods like chocolate.
Processed foods – These contain chemicals, preservatives, trans fats, and other unhealthy substances that can affect fertility rate. Processed foods include canned goods and foods coming from fast food chains.
Fish with high mercury content– Mercury can cause pregnancy-related issues such as birth defects. Avoid king mackerel, swordfish, shark, and tilefish, as these fishes are known to have high levels of mercury.

There are also specific diet programs for different kinds of lifestyle. However, before taking a specific program, a woman should consult a nutritionist first to help guide her on the proper diet.

Healthy pregnancy and diet should always come together. To put it simply: the healthier the foods in the diet, the better the chances of getting pregnant and having healthier pregnancy. Combined with proper exercise and avoidance to vices, a healthy diet will definitely yield great and satisfying results.

Alice J. Johnson

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